Friday, March 12, 2010

Some Interesting Things

So for today's blog I will tell you a few interesting and possibly funny things:

  • Mary got flashed by some guy by in a city near our village. I was walking with her when it happened but, luckily, I have gotten into the habit of not looking when people say "Miss, miss.."
  • When in the same city I was physically assaulted by a mentally unwell woman. I was sitting eating outside, which by the way is a no-no in Indonesia (something we did not know until after we did it), when a crazy woman comes up to me, sticks out her tongue, and then proceeds to hit me on the head with her hand. I could do nothing of course because she is not mentally unstable so I just started walking away with Mary all the while we are being followed by this woman which we eventually managed to lose. Mary figures I got hit because I look Indonesian and the woman thought I should know better than to eat outside. Oh well, you live, you learn.
Also, something interesting to note is that when Mary told the local guys about being flashed they were all concerned for her safety but I get physically assaulted and everyone laughs...whatever.
  • So Mary and I had to go without water for a few days because the water pipes that lead from our water tank were clogged with algae. We had one of our friends named Sefri at the convent clean it for us. Sefri called Mary's cell phone to tell her to meet him outside because he had a question about the tank and needed to show her something. Mary went outside and was looking everywhere for Sefri when all of a sudden she hears what sounds like a fruit fall to the ground a few seconds later she hears it again and realizes that it is coming from the water tank, which is up above on small tower. She then sees a head sticking out of our tank. Turns out Sefri had to climb inside to clean the tank and what she heard fall was the globs of algae he was flinging from inside the tank. I ran up from the house when I heard Mary ask in Indonesian "Sefri, are you in the tank?" When she told me what was going on we both couldn't stop laughing. Sefri was unaware of our laughter as he could hear nothing from within the tank.
  • Rode on the back of a motorcycle that was being driven by a Sister. I don't think its an interesting sight here but in America it might be considered one.
  • Okay other things to mention. Lent is going not as well as I would like it to. I find that my daily rosary praying is not going so well because the daily has turned into weekly. No good excuses except that I'm busier these days and more tired by evening which is when I usually pray my rosary. No good excuses, however, because I could make time to pray any other time during the day. By the way my daily Mass attendance is going okay as I have managed to make it to 5:30am Daily Mass at least 4-5 times a week.
Okay well I gotta go for now. I'll write again when I get the chance. By the way, in case I haven't said it, I miss you all very much family, friends, and sandwiches.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kind of feeling stressed right now as our volunteer house is experiencing a few problems right now such as a leaky roof that might need to be replaced a water tank full of algae and pipes clogged with the stuff and mosquito screens that need to be replaced and my bathroom water spout that needs to be changed cuz a part broke off and water sprays everywhere when i open it.

I've also been busy, busy, busy with teaching. I love teaching the middles school kids but I'm kind of stressed trying to plan lessons for people of such different levels. We have students that are children, middle schoolers, high schoolers, and full grown adults. Some advanced some beginner, some intermediate.

Okay I have to make this blog short as I have to look up games for children. Sorry but at least I'm trying to update more frequently.