Thursday, January 27, 2011

Animals and other difficulties

Okay I'm gonna make this quick.  I already ranted about this on Facebook but I feel I must do it here also.

The animals in Indonesia are driving me crazy!  I almost stepped on a poisonous green snake last week as I walked to my house at night.  I raised my foot to take another step and I caught sight of the snake just in time, just before I put my foot down.  It was ready for me, it raised its horrible lime green head ready to lunge at me but I was too quick.  I screamed, and turned and ran.  I called one of the convent workers to kill the snake but, unfortunately, the snake had already ran or slithered away and was unable to be exterminated.

Oh there's another mouse in my pantry!  I'm sick of mice!  They're so disgusting!  but they come in the poorly built house which has holes in the wall where the sink pipes go through.  The most recent mouse found a home in a portable kind of oven I have in the house.  I was gonna use the oven to make cookies but now that's a no-go. Gross.

There are pigs that constantly come into my yard and I suspect knocked down part of my poorly constructed fence that fenced plants which are now being eaten quite freely by the pigs.

There was a gigantic spider in my bathroom a couple of weeks ago.  It carried a huge egg sack.  I tried to spray the spider and in the process she dropped her sack.  As soon as she dropped the sack it started spilling out hundreds of baby spiders which I quickly exterminated.

There are cats that poop on my patio.  There are stray dogs that sleep on my patio.  There are roosters that crow all the time and chickens that are constantly digging and searching for food in my yard.

There are tiny ants in my house that eat anything and everything that is not put in a plastic container with a tight lid.  There are medium sized black ants that are all around the outside of my house and somehow I always manage to find some of these ants crawling all over me.  How they get on me, I don't know. Oh there are also huge red ants that have a mean bite on the second story of my house.

The animal situation stresses me out and it wouldn't so much if there was some way I could just keep them all from coming inside my house.  Oh well.  It's a difficulty to offer up to God and it adds character.  How?  I don't know.